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Dr. Kevin Rheaume

Chiropractic Physician

Pediatric Chiropractic Care


Many people wonder why children need Chiropractic care and wrongly assume they don't need a Chiropractic checkup because they are just a child.  Often times, there is no external evidence of injury or obvious symptom. However, resulting spinal injuries are often overlooked, left uncorrected and can develop further through adolescence and into adulthood

 At the time of conception, we can be exposed to a variety of stressors.  These stressors can include toxins while in the womb, inadequate nutrition, trauma during the birth process and a variety of others.  During the birthing process, there is an immense amount of pressure exerted on the baby to push through the birth canal.  Often times, the delivering practitioner will tend to pull/twist the head (with forces up to 60-80 lbs), or use extraction aides, such as forceps or a vacuum extractor during the delivery.   These forces, or the forces from a Caesarean section, only compounds the problem.

Chiropractic adjustments for infants are very gentle; no more than the pressure applied to a tomato to check for ripeness. As the child develops into adolescence, the spinal corrective techniques are modified appropriately.

Optimal Times for a Spinal Checkup

      1.  Immediately after birth
      2.  Starts to hold its head up
      3.  Starts to sit up 
      4.  Begins to crawl
      5.  Starts to stand 
      6.  Begins to walk


Children are always placing abnormal stressors on the spine and nervous Heavy Backpack system.  In a study of 536 children published by the National Safety Council, 50% experience a head-first fall in the first year of life.  In addition, the average 5 year old has already had about 200 major falls.  This includes falls from learning how to walk, falls on the stairs, on ice, off bikes, and learning to skate.  Most kids, nowadays, are physically active in sports year round, which takes a toll on their bodies.  Heavy backpacks, improper use of backpacks, improper chairs at school, and poor posture during gaming, at the computer, or on a mobile device are culprits as well.

Kids playing soccer