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We value our patients' experience at Align Spine Chiropractic & Wellness. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Kevin Rheaume

  • I began seeing Dr. Kevin because of neck and back pain. I just wanted to thank Dr. Kevin for everything that he has done for my injuries. When I began seeing the Dr., I had been having extreme neck pain, and it was affecting many daily activities such as: driving, shaving, etc. Dr. Kevin is very attentive and always asks how I have been doing since the last time I saw him. I always feel better when I leave than when I arrived. He definitely cares about the well-being of his clients and has helpe

    Show More - Jacob F., Framingham
  • I started seeing Dr. Kevin in my last trimester with my son for pelvic pain, lower back issues, and general discomfort that tends to come with pregnancy. I honestly believe the adjustments Dr. Kevin performed helped make that last trimester more comfortable and tolerable than it would have been without. After the birth of my son I continued my appointments and I would love to still be going but my husband and I moved from the area. I would definitely recommend Dr. Kevin for any chiropractic iss

    Show More - Julia K., Natick
  • Dr. Kevin Rheaume at Align Spine Chiropractic & Wellness is an extremely dedicated professional who helped me greatly with the Webster adjustment technique during my pregnancy as I suffered from pelvic and sacroiliac dysfunction. I would hobble up to his office and his skill and compassion healed me tremendously, and I would walk out feeling so much better! I currently see his for TMJ disfunction, which he has helped eradicate. Now I go for monthly adjustments to keep myself feeling great and ab

    Show More - Katie N., Medfield
  • I started seeing Dr. Rheaume several months back due to chronic headaches and neck tension. Being treated by Dr. Rheaume has been a really wonderful and healing experience. He takes his patients care seriously and is incredibly knowledgeable. I work full time and have three kids, so finding the time to see a doctor can be stressful. However, Dr. Rheaume has set up his practice times to accommodate his patients busy schedules. The office environment is also really peaceful. I really wish I

    Show More - Beth O., Natick
  • I have had low back pain for quite a few years. I have tried PT, massage, and exercise. Nothing had worked. I received a recommendation to see Dr. Rheaume, and have been so thankful. I have done 3-4 sessions and I am now virtually pain free. I couldn't be happier with align spine and Dr. Rheaume.

    Show More - Valerie M., Norwood
  • I was never a believer in chiropractic care, until a friend referred me to Dr. Rheaume. I was immediately impressed. He pinpointed my problem areas, clearly explained the issues, and worked with my busy schedule to come up with the best course of action. After every appointment the relief was immediate. Not only did his knowledge and technique surpass my high expectations, but his impeccable bedside manner always made me feel comfortable. Dr. Rheaume really cares about his patients.

    Show More - Molly G., Ashland
  • I was referred to Dr. Kevin by my doula during my 7th month of pregnancy. I wish I'd known about him sooner! He was fantastic throughout my entire pregnancy. During the last weeks, I would waddle up to the office, and take the elevator, but after my adjustment I felt a million times better in my lower back and hips, and would easily take the stairs again! I was so impressed with how I felt after seeing him, that my husband soon started going as well. Then, we even brought our newborn in at just

    Show More - Sarah S., Framingham
  • My family started seeing Dr. Rheaume six months ago for wellness and maintenance. From the first appointment, I have been impressed with the quality of chiropractic care we have received. I appreciate the amount of time Dr. Rheaume takes in each appointment to prepare my muscles in order to get the best possible chiropractic adjustment. While firm enough to release my muscle tension, Dr. Rheaume also provides gentle adjustments for my two daughters (3 years, and 9 month old). I also appreciate t

    Show More - Sara M., Natick
  • I started seeing Dr. Rheaume a couple months ago because of a tight burning sensation in my mid back. I was immediately impressed with his website and how easy it was to give my past medical history. In addition, his hours are very flexible and he was willing to see me before 7am to fit my schedule! He started by giving me an evaluation and then starting adjusting that day! I was feeling relief immediately. Dr. Rheaume continued to make adjustments and loosen up my muscles. I am now on a mainten

    Show More - Jess R., Natick
  • Dr. R is the best! I have been to several Chiropractors over the years and he is the only one who really made a huge difference in my back issues. Within a month the back pain I was suffering from was basically gone and now I am pain free and only need treatments once a month which I recommend anyone do to keep any issues from reoccurring. He also gave me probiotics which has helped my digestive issues to the point where I am off the Prilosec! He and Jen go out of their way to help with anything

    Show More - Ann R., Natick
  • Dr. R., was great. I am happy that I found him on the web. His is now MY guy as I am counting on him to keep me straight. I recommend Dr. R, big time.

    - Mark L., Hopkinton
  • Would recommend!!!!!! Doctor Kevin was amazing, he worked with me over about a month or so, getting my back in to manageable condition. At first I could barely walk straight, he gave me exercises to do at home. The adjustments he performed were gentle (had a lot of inflammation) yet effective. I continue to do the exercises prescribed at home. Will definitely see him again if I need it!!!!

    Show More - Janet L., Winthrop
  • I have been seeing Dr. K (as I call him) for a little over a year now and I can't say enough good about him. He is an excellent chiropractor because he listens and treats the problem at hand. It is never just a general appointment. I am always asked if something specific is bothering me and we work together to fix it. I have the utmost respect and gratitude because my neck has been bothering me for years and after many physical therapy appointments I decided to give chiropractic care a try. My

    Show More - Deb B., Milford
  • I checked this place out after many months with out an adjustment. My neck has been stiff, my should blades were really tight and lower back was tense as well. Dr. R was thorough and efficient, he went through my medical records and gave me a general evaluation and went right to it. He used a special tool and used the graston technique around my shoulder blades and my lower back. It was a little uncomfortable because it really breaks up scar tissue built up around your muscles. But I feel a

    Show More - Peter V., Quincy
  • I have been visiting Align Spine periodically for six months. As a football player, Dr Rheaume has helped improve my on-field performance, by increasing my flexibility and by assisting me with rapid recovery from injury between games.

    - Paul C., Sherborn
  • I have nothing but positive things to say about Dr. Rheaume at Align Spine Chiropractic & Wellness. I came to him with lower back disc issues and I noticed progress in my lower back health soon after my first visit. He truly is a wonderful Doctor and I have faith in his ability! He is extremely caring, a great listener, and his explanations of procedures were always clear and concise. I would recommend Dr. Rheaume to any of my friends and family.

    Show More - Brandon F., Framingham
  • I started going to Align Spine Chiropractic & Wellness a few months back. My experience with Dr. Rheaume is absolutely great. He's very careful in assessing your problems, dealing with them and remembering what was your situation last time you visited. I went there without a serious problem, but more for a general "discomfort" feeling and his services really had a positive effect in reducing the amount of back pain that I had daily and with my sport activities (which are not exactly "kind" on th

    Show More - Daniele T., Natick
  • I started seeing Dr. Rheaume about three months ago for sciatic pain that had progressively been getting worse. I let it get to the point where the pain was starting to have a significant impact on my life (work, social, working out, etc.). Within a few short weeks (2x per week visits), the pain had significantly decreased and I was resuming normal activities again.

    Show More - Steve M., Lowell
  • started going to Align Spine Chiropractic for a numbing/tingling feeling in my back. I had seen a chiropractor previously that was unable to help with my discomfort. The treatment I received from Dr. Rheaume combined with at home stretches (also prescribed by Dr. Rheaume) have provided me significant relief. While I am still a work in progress, I've gone from getting treatment twice a week to once every two weeks!

    Show More - Amy M., Natick
  • I went to a Chiropractor for the first time in my life, specifically Dr. Kevin Rheaume, the very next day. I was lucky enough to get a Saturday appointment. We went through a series of tests to pinpoint problems in my spine. The procedure to physically adjust my spine was completely painless. After the session, my mobility was greatly improved. I was still in a great deal of pain, but each day I significantly improved. I was able to touch my toes again without bending my knees within about a we

    Show More - Mike P., Natick
  • Dr. Kevin Rheaume of Align Spine Chiropractic is a top notch chiropractor with many skills to help patients with varying kinds of musculoskeletal issues. I sought his help for an old injury that created a lot of scar tissue and misalignment of foot and ankle bones. I am a physical therapist but was unable to completely rehabilitate my own foot. Dr. Rheaume is certified in the Graston method which is best suited to reduce scar tissue. I've derived much benefit from his treatment. I appr

    Show More - Anne I., Natick
  • Dr Rheaume worked on both my spine and my right shoulder. I am an active 67 year old who plans to climb My Washington for the third time and to play in a senior softball league. I thought that the pain I was experiencing would prevent me from doing these things which are very important to me. Well, after several treatments from Dr Rheaume, I am pain free. In fact, today was our first softball game of the year. It was a double-header and I batted 5 for 8, made two diving catches in the outfield a

    Show More - Dennis P., Framingham
  • I have had severe pain in my upper back, for about 10 years, due to scar tissue. Dr Kevin did the Graston Technique on my back and it helped get rid of this pain. Dr Kevin was always kind, gentle, professional and caring. I highly recommend him. I plan on using him for "tune up" appointments.

    - Jean G., Ashland
  • Dr. Rheaume, we think the greatest testimonial that we can give is to tell other and refer others to your practice. Fred and I are so pleased with the service we received. Mere words cannot explain. Fred and I are feeling great and doing great. Thank you!

    - Fred and Theresa S., Natick
  • I had visited so many physicians in my country and had various medications that did not change my situation. Dr. Rheaume was able to diagnose my illness basing on the MRI that I presented to him. He managed my pain using his medical tools especially in the neck and back. When it was time for me to leave the US, he followed up with my physicians in my country to make sure everything is well. Dr. Rheaume gave me a detailed explanation and clearly illustrated my condition based on the MRI image to

    Show More - Prossy N., Framingham
  • Prior to going to Dr. Rheaume, I had spent a year going to several doctors, orthopedics, having physical therapy sessions, getting numerous MRI's and x-rays trying to find what was causing my knee and back pain. After a few months of seeing Dr. Rheaume, I have already seen more progress than at any point over the past year. From the multiple treatments and extra efforts I have experienced it is apparent Dr. Rheaume takes a personal interest in the health and development of his patients and has a

    Show More - Bryan B., Boston
  • My experience at Align Spine Chiropractic & Wellness has been wonderful. After going in with a sports injury I was able to recover with the help of Dr. Rheaume and finish my track and field season with remarkable records. I definitely recommend Dr.Rheaume!

    - Danielle M., Natick
  • Dr. Rheaume has been treating me after a car accident in which I suffered bad whiplash. His techniques have helped relieve both pain and stiffness associated with the accident in addition to his assistance with my Insurance claim. I highly recommend him.

    - Adriana A., Hopedale
  • Dr. Kevin Rheaume is a fantastic chiropractor. I've been seeing him for about 6 months for long-term chronic back and hip pain. I feel better every time I walk out of his office, and the symptoms have been improving over time. I would recommend Dr. Rheaume without hesitation.

    - Greg H., Framingham
  • While in the end, my baby was borm by c-section, it was not due to my pelvis or any adjustment that were done or not. After meeting Dr.Rheume, I have a new confidence in chiropractors and will no hesitate to return to him if other issues arise"Dr. Rheaume was able to fit me into his schedule within a couple of hours of throwing out my back. He took the time to explain each part of my treatment as my back began to heal and I was completely normal in less than 10 visits! Dr. Rheaume is very per

    Show More - Janet G., Newton
  • A couple of months ago my lower back began giving me great discomfort. I absolutely could get no relief. Any activity, including sleeping, was extremely painful. On a scale of 1-10 I'd say my pain was about a 8 or 9! I was very lucky to have found Align Spine Chiropractic and Dr. Kevin Rheaume. Dr. Rheaume conducted an assessment of my complaint and immediately had me get x-rays. Sure enough he found I had osteo-arthritis in the area that was causing me problems. He immediately went to work

    Show More - Mary S., Waltham
  • Dr. Kevin Rheaume did a great job identifying my problem and providing immediate relief from my lower back pain. His office is modern, clean, and bright, and is a very professional atmosphere. He worked around my busy schedule and was respectful of my challenging financial situation.

    - Paul C., Sherborn
  • Dr. Rheaume was the first chiropractor I worked with, and the first to take my pain seriously enough to do the necessary tests to diagnose my scoliosis. From the first contact we had, Dr. Rheaume was responsive, outgoing, and professional. Since beginning chiropractic, through the adjustments and exercises, I have experienced a reduction in consistent pain, and the return of feeling to my right arm and hand. Perhaps more importantly, I have finally gained an understanding of what has been cau

    Show More - Liz H., Natick
  • After dealing with a very painful and debilitating Plantar Fasciitis condition in one foot for well over a year, I was advised by a fellow runner to seek out a chiropractor who utilized the Graston technique for treating this particular problem. Dr. Rheaume treated me for about three months with this technique, and also made adjustments to my foot, my knees and spine. I am happy to report that I am virtually pain free and am back to running on a regular basis again. It was a long process, but it

    Show More - Patty H., Sudbury
  • I've been a patient with Dr. Kevin Rheaume for about 8 weeks now and it's amazing what he's been able to do for me. When I first came to him, I couldn't move without back pain, often excruciating, to the point I couldn't take a shower without serious pain and bending even a little was torture. I was in constant pain day and night. After about two weeks with him, I began to feel better and now after 8 weeks I can stand all the way up from a chair with using the arms with NO pain. If you haven

    Show More - Mike T., Framingham
  • I've had nagging neck pain for quite some time now. I've gone to several other doctors and had little relief. After a few visits at Align Spine, I noticed an improvement. I am now practically pain free and coming to see Dr. Kevin Rheaume routinely.

    - Allan G., Wellesley
  • I just wanted to say thank you Dr. Kevin for all your efforts with my neck problems. When I first came in I could barely turn my head. Thanks to you I now have almost full range of motion and zero pain. I have to admit I was a little skeptical that anything could be done for an injury that I have had for nearly 5 years but within the first three visits I was convinced you were a miracle worker.

    Show More - Dean B., Norfolk
  • Dr. Rheaume's care has been nothing but professional and thorough. As a long time back pain sufferer he was extremely careful and gentle with his manipulations and has been able to alleviate a nagging problem with my L3 disk. His attentiveness to my particular issues have always been his singular mission.

    Show More - Mark R., Wellesley
  • I was able to go onto Dr. Kevin's website during the day while I was at work and schedule an appointment online--no hassles, no trying to get through on the telephone. This is a very convenient option. I found Dr. Kevin Rheaume to be very knowledgeable and gentle as he is going through his treatment routine. Within a very short time after treatment, I could see a great improvement in my mobility. I will definitely be returning for future adjustments.

    Show More - Karen L., Wayland
  • Having never been for chiropractic treatment before, I was a bit nervous before my first treatment. Dr. Rheaume explained everything he was doing, step by step and put me right at ease. I have had chronic migraines and neck pain for years and the combination of stretches, Graston, deep heat and adjustments has made a world of difference in my pain level and range of movement.

    Show More - Donna S., Weston
  • As a newcomer to chiropractic, I was very hesitant to be adjusted. Dr. Kevin explained to me step by step what he was going to do and made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. His kind words and compassion to help me feel better has made a world of a difference in my overall health. I would recommend everyone to come see this talented professional.

    Show More - Jennifer N., Needham
  • "Dr Kevin Rheaume is an incredible chiropractor! Ive been seeing him now for just over a year and i have seen such an amazing improvement since i started last August. Growing up ive had problems with my lower back and the muscles on one side growing to fast and not evenly with the other side. This caused me serious pain and needed to be up and at it as quick as possible as i own a local catering company that requires my everyday presence. I started seeing him once every week then every other wee

    Show More - Yoel E., Framingham